January 12, 2018

Our predominant behavioural patterns will become the emerging future of human kind; so let's act accordingly!

For a shorter version of this see: Bringing up the Kids Consciously.


   Being a parent is challenging, but not just for the usual reasons....

November 6, 2017

   I am a white, British passport holding immigrant. I live abroad, I upped and left my motherland for another place and I stayed, made it my home, so if we must give me a name then let's make it the same name we give everyone else who has left their homes and settled...

November 5, 2017

   Career is often a definition of self. It's natural to simplify introduction at the outset and to aim to create common ground, yet we often find ourselves prejudiced (or the victims of) by such simplification at the first stage of meeting someone new. A mini assessme...

November 3, 2017


   My favourite image of myself as a child is one that my mum described so vividly that I can almost remember it; I was sitting on the beach with my legs in shallow, calm sea completely absorbed in doing a painting balanced upon my knees using the su...

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