May 3, 2018

Your Invitation to our Clean Up Event - Şile. 5 May 2018

So far Turkey has been slow to pick up on the international improvement regarding single use plastic and how litter is recycled or disposed. Some municipalities have local success and some, like Şile are strugglin...

March 2, 2018

Stitched up as we are I figure we can Lilo it out of here.

Recently I read another article about how it's now considered fact; we are all doomed and sadly no one has a real solution. (Though George Monbiot had the best shot at it apparently so I'm reading the recommende...

February 15, 2018

When women thrive so too can the earth, everything and everyone else. 

Equality is one of those things that only works multilaterally. We tend to see and approach subjects and issues in isolation, but when it comes to the quality of our lives and all kinds of...

January 13, 2018

 This is a short version of Rearing the New Generation.

   Parenting is challenging, but not just for the usual reasons. Many of us are trying to bring our kids up to be capable citizens of a fair and sustainable world.


   How can we enab...

January 12, 2018

Our predominant behavioural patterns will become the emerging future of human kind; so let's act accordingly!

For a shorter version of this see: Bringing up the Kids Consciously.


   Being a parent is challenging, but not just for the usual reasons....

December 20, 2017

   I picked chard from my garden. A big bunch washed, chopped and combined with chicken and onions, the whole thing went in a creamy, curry kind of direction. I was wondering if, seeing as I blog now, whether my home grown concoctions were worth sharing.

December 20, 2017

   A year has passed since I wrote this and though my party plans for the season are less ambitious in terms of number of guests, my enthusiasm and dedication for living in a zero waste world are unremitting.  

   So for those of you who mi...

November 23, 2017

   Hardly an inspiring topic is it? That is how I feel every time I enter one, whether it be open air or enclosed or one of those that the commercial space designers so extol where we are forced to zigzag between every kind of store before we can reach our destination,...

November 23, 2017


   MAPIC had quite a pervasive advertising campaign going on this year, they popped up on my feed despite the fact I have no recollection of even doing a search regarding them. 
   The main aim (for the uninitiated) of MAPIC i...

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