How can we get anywhere without a fresh start?

   As I discussed here, it is not plausible to get everyone onboard together and there is no merit in waiting for someone to come save us and our beloved planet, there will never be a clean slate, so it's down to you and me now, literally.

   Now before we roll our eyes and swipe to our latest social media distraction let's all be frank about this. We have all become down right lazy and apathetic. I pondered whether I'd incite any of us to action with insults, but for now it's time to look in the mirror before we continue dishing out the blame else where.

Questions I hear asked (by myself and others)

- What is the world coming to?

- Why are they doing this?

- Don't they know better?

- Why are they (the governments, corporations etc) so greedy, corrupt, stupid?

- Who really cares about anything anymore?

All the above questions need redirecting to the self; What am I doing to help the world? What am I doing that is harmful, don't I know better? Is my behaviour greedy, corrupt or stupid? Do I care? 

Ow that hurts doesn't it! Nothing worse than facing up to ones own nastiness and hypocrisy.

I have the delight of facing mine on a day to day basis and in part I am trying to set it right. (I elaborate further in Posts)

 We are like children that have been persistently reminded that they failed and are now too apprehensive to even try again. We are paralyzed by fear, repression and inertia. How can 'action' emerge from that?

   There are 7.6 billion of us, imagine if we all just did one less crappy thing and did one more good thing today that's a whole lot of worldwide improvement.

   Call me over simplistic if you will, but I would suggest you keep on reading because there is something (at least one thing) that we can each decide to do and in the very doing we can become part of the cure.

   Indeed if only one of us pulls his/her weight than the balance won't be tipped, (there are already many people doing so), but if enough of us connect and feel inspired enough to just make some sacrifice and to put in some effort we will be motivated by each other and more importantly our actions will promote change in the realms of politics and commerce. We allow the way we live to be dictated to us, the food we consume and the places we work and live are often just part of the bigger plan, were we able to dictate upwards then that plan would have to alter itself alongside us.




in more detail.


   What kind of 'action' doesn't have a name, leader or affiliations?

   Imagine a ‘rule book’ that is self compiled; the result of instinct, empathy and conscious, intelligent design.

It is the mirror to oneself and a window to all others showing hopes, dreams and aspirations. 

   When the One person has a sense of alignment, satisfaction and harmony with the actions that emerge through his/her own evolving manifesto they will become in themselves a part of the true and defining emergent, they won't need a leader, they themselves are each a leader.

   Affiliation exists in that each One will merge with others yet retain individual definition and dynamic, never losing identity and free choice. A new paradigm with no name, no owner, no book and no rules, a multitude of singularly designed and created yet multilaterally instigated actions that allow for infinite diversity and evolution. 

   One will have embarked upon the most noble of quests and in the very act of doing so will have taken humanity part way to a new and better world.


   Fly gracefully, succeed and excel and I will try emulate you, I may take the lead and I may fall back, I may slice through your unified stance and find when I look behind that you are behind following me, or I may find myself isolated and alone, with time I might fall, or I may fly in unison with you, with the flock and with unity. Only time can tell where we will end up and only our grace will be inspiration enough to follow.

   How do we each then decide what 'action' means?

   If each person is encouraged to implement a list of things, I call it a 'Manifesto for One', that he or she can do (or not do) that are manageable and worthwhile the accumulation will add up to something big. (see example here) 

   Every human has the capacity to do something proactive today ensuring that he or she is compassionate and caring. When each person simply does the best they can we will heal and flourish. Each of us is One, we can start today with our own Manifesto for One and with each positive micro step we will make the difference and produce the emergent future that we desire.


   But how can we entrust our entire future to a multitude of Ones?

   There are many contributory factors to the development of a more conscientious One; presently a major portion of the population rejects any form of responsibility and have ethics that work contrary to a collaborative evolving process. Education and information sharing is the core that needs monetary, intellectual, democratic, transparent and non manipulative investment so until this ideal transpires it is up to all of us to share our positive vision and to prove it with our action. The fact is that many (even well intended) actions may have derogatory effect and there will be transgressions, but if each One sticks to their own self designed manifesto they will be able to review their own actions with the clarity of specific premeditated intent. When we witness an action/behaviour that is non beneficiary to the whole it is up to us to be the role model, the guide, not the imposing force or the will bender, through a multitude of positive example the whole will create the emergent predominant nature of our species and our future. 

   Why should any One bother?

   I'd hope that is self evident, but here is an answer: The incentive and the first gratification will come from the satisfaction of a sense of improvement, empowerment and connection. As the collaborative future unfolds the sense of belonging and useful contribution will grow exponentially. Any positive results will be shared as the success of the whole (not the lone achievement of inaccessible icons) and these will propagate the seeds to further success.

   Over time the evolution of institutes that specifically study happiness and satisfaction plus our own pragmatic discoveries can facilitate a culture of gratitude and gratification that includes the self as well as the whole. 

  But how can a multitude of Ones effect a large scale?

   A manifesto can be designed to suit a small community, a single nation or even a continent, but the measure of it success and continuity will lie in its worldwide reach and can only work if it is all inclusive so every One has to be inspired and dedicated. Micro projects exist and we can use their data and insight to develop solutions in every arena and indeed micro solutions must be utilized to suit the regional realities. It is challenging to achieve accordance on a multinational, ethnic, racial, political and religious level when often the differences and historic disputes cripple dialogue at the outset. Evidently we need to step away from prejudice and acquired damaging behaviour that isolate and limit us so we can proceed without hitting the impassable wall of irreconcilable stories.

   Rhetoric and memory are like a self detonating shield. There simply is no such thing as a unified interpretation of historic events. Previous ways, traditions, protocol, the considered and educated approach based on historical so called evidence takes us nowhere fast, yet to ignore what we have learnt would disrespect those who paved the way here and deny us the right to learn. We must develop a way to allow history to enlighten rather than burden us. It, like the Earth’s resources are in the wrong hands. We accept that history, knowledge, science, progression and therefore the future itself is the sole possession of the academics and the politicians, who are in turn the possession of the corporations, we are denied the initiative to interpret and have forgotten our intrinsic ability to simply know, connect and solve. Ancestral knowledge is passed on along with the DNA of our elders, coded into our cells, with a little less distraction and a lot more deep listening and learning we may hear the messages from the past loud and clear. As a woman I feel strong connections with my matriarchal ancestors, maybe it is the womanly nurturing and the empathy that carries the historic messages best. I feel the presence of all the women before me. I sense them, they too were mothers. The penetrating ancient universal message is this; as my baby is to my breast and as I was to my mothers, as is any child and all the babes to their mothers. We are all equal and we share the same fears, dreams and aspirations. We must allow the past to connect rather than divide us. The very fact that we walk upon the same world is unity enough and mutual regard for each other means the scale of any one of our actions is automatically world wide. It is within our ability to share our individual intent and to create a huge wave of inspired action.

   Is this a movement? Is it democratic?

   While considering multilateral world improvement it is necessary to touch on the validity of democracy. Once seemingly the solution to worldwide fairness it has failed dismally to remain the people’s friend and has become a tool of the oppressors (much like religion). It is a shame when a mechanism of such integrity, magnitude and honour is chewed and spat out like gum from between the back teeth of the worst leaders and corporations in the world.

    Intervention from above is often unnecessary and disempowering.  Organic democratic solutions can emerge from an enlightened, proactive society thus enabling populations to live in harmony and solidarity. A pragmatic local scale encourages ties and empathy and no one will be obliged to take a radical side that would hinder them from affiliating with another. A non invasive form of democracy may seem naive and simplistic, but from the small scale upwards it can form the essence of self resolving and revolving communities. In the event that fair governance arises it can set precedents and remain in the background.

   This is a mass movement in that each of us will be shifting our arses. This is the most democratic of all non affiliated movements possible.

  How on earth do you imagine such a thing possible?

   Success Stories!

   Countless examples are manifest all over the world, humans doing jobs of magnitude on every scale, small initiatives, international summits and acts of bravery, sacrifice, charity, compassion and collaboration; the media thrives upon and the human mind is stimulated by bad news, but there is a whole lot of good news that needs attention and enriching. Each one of these success stories needs to headline and be emulated.

(See my posts for such stories)

  How can we remain free from manipulation?

  This is truly a tough one. Misinformation cripples. We can be sure that war will be waged upon any threats to the present system and the media (including multi billion dolar social media) attacks will ensue. Polarization will be a weapon of choice. This is not a future projection of course, this is here and now. The good news is that we are not a group, we are not unified in any way except the essence of our existence upon this world, we cant be divided seeing as we don't affiliate with each other specifically, there are no bonds or hand shakes, no flags or titles, ... nothing links us except the fact that we have all stopped being passive. With each of our action plans we can attribute a significant part to ensuring we attain and spread only that which is true and beneficial, we can actively avoid involvement in the sensationalist and derisive. We can make extra effort to share the good stuff. Those that have media control within their capability might be inclined to have their own Manifesto for One which will include aiding this cause so we have the chance to evolve free of malformed information and bias.

   Why can't we just Castrate those that persist in raping the world?

   We can't, simple as that, otherwise we'd slit their balls in a blink of an eye, but seriously, the whole point of this is to get us all on the same page about compassion and empathy and nurturing even for those who have wronged us and our planet.

   There is a presiding idea that human kind is basically inadequate and incapable, we have come to accept that we are the worst thing that ever happened to our world. Indeed it is easy to despair, but without faith and mutual encouragement we can’t do better, so I reiterate that the essential mechanism is love, compassion and belief in ourselves and fellow beings.

   Deep levels of invested interest defy progress and it seems that the first step is radical castration of the elite, the corporations and the political bodies that rape the world’s people, natural resources and each other. However such an approach will not facilitate their cooperation. They too will be a part of the emergent and in part they already are. The movement has to be multilateral, egalitarian and democratic whilst leaving scope for the big guys to have a chance to adapt to what will be effectively self sacrifice. We have to be patient and proactive, believing in the possibilities and the benefits of the power shift that could emerge if we push for the changes using the methods that are within the parameter of the principle: To enable a nurtured worldwide society to evolve in a conscious, self initiating, empowering and sustainable manner. Democracy has been completely usurped by monopoly and corporate power, a decentralization of power and wealth will mean huge compromise by those that hold the reins. Whether regulations or self regulatory behaviours are developed, the result will be that a norm of ecological and social fairness will emerge prompting change and give cause for those in power to believe in the capability of the multitude. 


   What should be the essence of any manifesto ?

   Everyone has the right to set his/her own priorities and their manifesto should be adjusted accordingly.

However there is a backbone to all of this.

The Principle: To enable a nurtured worldwide society to evolve in a conscious, self initiating, empowering and sustainable manner.

Basic Rights: 

These basic rights do NOT just belong to humans; they are the rights of every inhabitant of the Earth and of the Earth itself* 

  1. Shelter (protection from elements and in the case of the Earth protection from humans)

  2. Water (clean)

  3. Food (real food)

  4. Safety (freedom from war, exploitation, discrimination, oppression)

If we were to each consider these Basic Rights as the right of every individual and even every ant or blade of grass or rock on this planet we might find ourselves half way to some self respect and dignity.

*The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights fails to mention the integral aspect of the Earths right and our responsibility (to be able to uphold our own rights) towards it.

Multitude of Ones