A bit about this One so far:


   I was born in London in 1969 and grew up in rural Suffolk. The deepest impressions of my childhood were those of the common land upon which we lived, solitude and nature. My Mum taught me to see the sacred in all things, though she kinda phrased it differently :) And my Dad told me that Love is not finite.

   The excitement of studying in the city of Liverpool and later the cacophony and tug of Istanbul and the Bosphorus could not keep me tied for long and I have lived most of my life so far on the southern coast of Turkey and now on the Black sea.


   Art was an early passion and a constant ally, the twists and turns of life that caused relocation, marriage, motherhood, turmoil and then widowed, partnered and inspired motherhood again were all soothed with an immersion into creativity throughout the journey. (Whether through painting, designing, writing or the ingenuity required to simply get by)

To see spatial design/construction and paintings visit  www.jodieharburt.com

   Motherhood is an enriching, life changing event that continues to shape my vision and prompt my desire to help make the world a better place. My big kids grew and just as they entered their teenage years I started again with our child number 3, seeing life through the innocent, pure eyes of my little one, explaining things to her, teaching her collective responsibility and assisting my (now university age) big ones with their transition into a rapidly changing world are the parental duties that we are blessed with. Reliving the mothering process from scratch has given me opportunity to witness myself and the family with insight and though I'm repeating what can be described as a challenging process I am no less in awe and wonder of it and my children. Being the partner to a wonderful man is a core part of me and as with motherhood the ebb and flow of my relationship is intricately intertwined with every aspect of my life and productivity.


   If you pop by you will might find me weeding our vegetable garden and chatting with the creatures I encounter.

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   I'm not sure what the future will bring for us, the world is in a time of great change and I feel the implications drifting in our direction, it is, however my intention to be a collaborator, connected party and a mirror rather than simply an observer of life and to strive not only for my family and loved ones, but for far and wide and to spread my deep belief in the possibilities of what we can create when we mutually lower our shields, our apathy and especially when we unite.





Multitude of Ones