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Unity Absolute


   Why unity and what is absolute?

   Does 'unity' make us all the same?

   Definitely not!, Unity is a thing born from a complex whole.

   Unification does not mean that we all become One, nobody wants that. It does not mean that we all agree or do the same things or vote the same way or have the same taste in music, but what it does mean is each of us taking small steps for something small or big that we independently believe in and in this we unify.

   A state of Unification is reached when the progress made by others is seen with equal satisfaction as the progress made by oneself, we; the Multitude of Ones are all involved and eventually the loose concept of a common goal met at multiple different angles can emerge. 

   'Absolute' sounds radical.

   Absolute refers to the simple and irrevocable fact of our absolute dependence upon each other and this wonderful planet. We are absolutely connected and for any part of our species to succeed and be dignified we must consider the interests of the whole.

 We already are and always have been absolutely unified and as soon as we act accordingly things can fall into place. 

Hold hands

   Have you ever wished that you could make things change?

   Have you ever wondered what it would take to save the world?

   Well we can, it just takes you and all the rest of us!

   We have been conditioned into waiting for heroes to step in and lead us all onward, but the reality is each of them faltered somehow and we are always left to keep on going. We rely on the powers that be and the institutions, but finally we must be ready to see the fallibility in that. The powers and the institutions have acted in self interest and the masses have suffered along with our poor abused planet. We can change that.

   So how can we save the world?

  If we just believe in the power of One, multiplied by everyone we can make progress on it.

   Is Human nature capable of this?

  Yes! It is a huge misconception that humans are primarily individualistic, we were born dependent and our societies evolved in a permanent state of mutual dependence and benefit. There has always been collaboration and collective behaviour and it is when resources are scarce that competition arises. I elaborate more in my posts See Blog Category Life & Stuff

   But what about the bad guys?

   There is a perception that evil lurks in our midst, that we are naturally violent, this false hood is one that a better functioning society can fade. There will always be antagonists and the use of polarization as a means to control the masses, but divide and rule methods can not be effective if we refuse to be divided. This kind of organic unification  can resist and evade divisive forces. We, individual yet unified can persevere. Even those that we perceive as 'bad' can join our ranks as they will be doing their micro bit, if their action is against the common goal that emerges from the masses it will become overwhelmed and wane.

   Our children, the future (the true common denominators) are the incentive. These are the superpowers that miracles are made of; creation, love and compassion. I know that I will exit this world without having saved it; but I will have planted seeds of a new world emergent. I will be One and take steps; I will encourage everyone to each be the best One they can possibly be and in this we will have unified.




   Where are we going?

   Our success as a species itself centers on its dynamic and ability to evolve rather than upon any form of static result or destination. In the happy event that we reach a destination and an ideal system is in worldwide effect, it will have to retain the ability to continue evolving and to cope or coexist with further challenges that will inevitably transpire. Therefore it is paramount that an evolutionary capability is built into any actual system from the outset and that the process itself will have had that same self perpetuating, adaptable dynamic.

   To have advance vision of our destination demands a capability that pushes the boundaries of our comprehension, we must design beyond the parameters of present existence and experience, as such it is like creating a new world; A world that will unfold as we progress towards it and is irrevocably lost to us unless we take a first step. The beginning therefore is the means to the end, indeed it is the only means to any kind of future.

   How do we get there?

   Historically humans are explorers, makers and pragmatists. We are susceptible to emotive stimulus and manipulation; we can be educated and prodded into a state of awareness that prompts action. A better world will exist because of us, not despite of us and it must be ultimately humanistic for us to embrace it. The goal is a better future, yet it is here now, one step and we arrive in what was the future just a minute ago, we can make a difference in this instant. No action or inaction is insignificant, the future is presently manifest in minuscule, micro and manageable steps. It is up to me, you every individual to participate in this, each contribution assisting in its growth and each step a chance to learn and adapt. 


   Why do we all have to do it?

   The negative impact of imposed values and systems is proven. History has shown and continues on a never ending loop of both the opportunistic and the well intended instigation of various systems upon societies all over the world, even the best had their downsides, even the most democratic and all encompassing had their contenders, each one has resulted in some degree of failure for the people and almost invariably total failure for the environment and our Earth. It is our responsibility to own and to co create the emerging future, what ever it entails, and in doing so we can modify and nurture the result, it will be our baby and it will belong to all of us so we will all look after it.


   So how is it with this diabolical track record that we can embrace the possibility of a future with any degree of optimism and faith?

   (The fact that negativity perpetuates a downwards spiral of self fulfilling prophecy and only a huge dose of positivity can counter balance this phenomenon is a motivation in itself) It is possible to believe in a better world simply on the basis that it already does exist; in part, in places and in various time slots, yet the perpetuation of fear, repression and the nature of world politics and commerce (with implicit investment in brain washing, thought numbing and soul destroying) have overwhelmed our perception of reality, scale and possibility. It is our job to create and seek out every positive example and to become inspired, emulate and spread them far and wide.

   What is real, where do we start?

   Countless articles underline the tragic state this world is in today, wars, environmental disaster and apocalypse breathing down our necks; we know we are in serious trouble. Let us start from a different foot hold. ‘Love’ is what is real in the world. Love is the essence of creation and our existence; it is an act of love or at least union between man and woman that is fundamental to each and every one of us and it is parental love that enables our growth. This is the starting point for the future. When we build up and onward with passion and nurturance we can create a world that will in turn continue to nurture us. The following generations will be left the legacy which resides in the very nature of the single steps we take each day. Love is the common denominator, the core of our potential for unification and collaboration. We will facilitate a successful coup over the dominating mindset when we turn our inherent capacity for compassion and love into micro steps and action.


Is Human Nature Capable
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