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These are some of the videos of talks I have given. 

Istanbul & I, Inshirah and Yabangee


Earth Day Zoom Talk on Sustainable Living


This is a long talk with Q & A about many aspects of sustainable living and why we can focus on matters to us and our about how our actions as individuals are important.


TRT World


Living A less Waste Lifestyle


Though I actively cringe when I watch this as the first comment and shots are SO WRONG!

Shots of my messy drawer! What were they thinking?

The least important thing is the bin in a zero waste house, that's the point, you never fill it, and that is what I meant but... well... there are a few nice seconds of the Şile market and of how we do our best to reduce waste.

These are not times for Instagram worthy shots and good hair days, these are times for action so here we are!

Sustanaibility Steps On the Terra Madre Slow Food Platform


Cooking Up Dialogue


This was an enjoyable conversation about the intersection of many things from sustainable food, food security, polarisation in communities, women's empowerment, reducing marginalisation and the richness of biodiversity.

About cohesion and collaboration and the bridges and the safe spaces that we need to create and that are the focus of our Cooking Up Dialogue project.

Connectle Con: Regenerative Communities


“How do we design resilient Islands of Sanity?


I was privileged to be invited to join this rich conversation


- Michelle Holliday | Thrivability Maven


- Servane Mouazan | CEO of Ogunte

- Ben Haggard | Director of Educational Programs, Regenesis Institute for Sustainable Communities

- Jodie Harburt | Change Practitioner 

Focus on Why

YouTube Podcast

Circle of Life


It was a total joy to join Amy Rowlinson as the 16th guest on her wonderful podcast.

I was at that stage of the month when my brain is on hyper scattered kaleidoscope mode so it is a somewhat scatter brained talk, but listen in if you are good at making sense, solving puddles (that was a miss-type, but I'm leaving it there)

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