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I sometimes compare the challenges we all face to a mountain,

a mountain between us and a future that we hardly dare to dream of.

I say let us dare!




Picture and frame them in your mind and imagine daily.


What do you dream of?

When we dream of the the future what do we see?

Many of us will have scenes from countless films or from literature pop up in our minds. Not many, if any of these, will show humanity in a light of positive potential. 

Dystopia, apocalypse and unbound violence fills screens, pages and our minds. It has been impossible to stop that degree of propaganda from infiltrating our belief systems and becoming a seemingly fixed part of our culture.

Yet these are not dreams, these are terrible nightmares or reenactments of the worst parts of our reality.

What happens if we reenact the best parts of ourselves, and if we visualise a mesmerisingly beautiful future?

We don't need a clear whole view, (see 'Conscious Evolution' blog post) to be able to activate the better parts of our species, all we need is some wonderful parts to look forward to.


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Daring to dream empowers us to overcome the Mountain of Challenges that stand in our way.

What about the Mountain?

To find courage, let's look at that Mountain together.

It is steep and treacherous, but we can't stay where we are... and if we look carefully there is a short cut.

Each one of us faces different challenges. Some of us face daily difficulties that are impossible to navigate alone (Note 'Inequality' is one of the first obstacles over the Mountain and 'Community' is one of the commitments along the short cut to the Other Side.)

It doesn't matter if you are a corporate CEO or an unemployed single parent.

Each of us has different ideas about what Matters most, and we all have different skills that we can contribute.

And this is what makes the Challenge Mountain less daunting, through the power of our diversity, as individuals and as communities, we can work toward our collective and individual dream vision for the future.... the Other Side.

This is a very simplified version of how a Mountain might look.


So let's see this as an epic adventure, the most fantastic adventure ever to be had.

You will need to have figured out what Matters to you, because that is the route that you will take,.

And you will have to be aware of your Skills so that they can get you along your journey.

Then you might ask:

How will I go onward?

Scroll below to see ways to enable yourself and your organisation to work on what matters to you.

Click here to see how My Work might assist you



be the best version of yourself that you can be so that you can give your best, do your best and live your best


The strategy is to become more aware, better at communicating and collaborating and more receptive to both our own needs and that of others and the planet. It is very simple and elementary, yet it escapes us all wrapped up, as we are, in the hurly burly of modern life.

One of the things I have learnt is that we can't fast forward to the action, many, if not all of us, are held up by internal and external resistance which often stems from polarisation in our societies, trauma (both personally experienced and ancestral), and by our addictions (by which I mean our reliance on the lifestyle as much as our food, drug, consumer etc addictions).

These are the fatal blow to our motivation, they are the deep ravines that we fall into as we try to Journey ahead.

To dodge those blows and to manage to cross that ravine we have to do the ground work.

And that means:

Connection with SELF, OTHERS & NATURE (our planet)

Coherence & Alignment

Coherence is a very powerful thing, we produce tangible outcomes when our thinking, behaviour and decisive action align internally and externally.

When our heart and mind align with each other it becomes coherent to others, then we can relate with them too.

This coherence extends and expands outwardly to embrace all life, and life's rhythms while, in return, it too embraces us.

The intentional connections that I suggest here, and especially through mutually supported and purposeful work, naturally invoke the rhythms of coherence, further empowering the work, the individual and the organisations. 


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