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Where to start if not with ourselves?


Let us start by looking in the mirror!

It is not about simply taking responsibility, or the micro effects of individual action. 

Starting with ourselves means embodied action, it means that we exemplify what we ask for when we campaign for policy makers to change, when we urge for Ecocide legislation and when we build movements.

Each of us emits our true vibe, and others and the planet sense that, so before we chuck blame or ask for others to step up, let's be sure we know that we are in alignment with what we stand for.

This may seem harsh, but I started with me and am giving myself and my lifestyle a hard look over.

It is time to become highly critical of our actions and in our ability to join the dots as to how every single thing we do connects to the whole.

Nothing is irrelevant, not one single gum wrapper is negligible.

So now it's time to look in the mirror and see what is truly there.


Do you find yourself asking these questions:

- What is the world coming to?

- Why are they doing this?

- Don't they know better?

- Why are they (the governments, corporations etc) so greedy, corrupt, stupid?

- Who really cares about anything anymore?

What happens when we redirect these questions to ourselves?

 - What am I doing to help the world?

- What am I doing that is harmful, don't I know better?

- Is my behaviour greedy, corrupt or stupid?

- Do I care? And seeing as I do, how does that show in my actions?


Ow that hurts doesn't it! Nothing worse than facing up to ones own hypocrisy.

But let us not be judgemental of other or of ourselves; it simply is not productive.

 We are like children that are persistently reminded that we are failures, useless and shameful, and now we are too knocked down to even try again. We are virtually paralysed by fear, repression and inertia. How can 'action' emerge from that?

The answer is - You don't have to do it alone.

I suggest that Circle Gatherings, Connected Conversations and sessions in nature are all wonderful places to start!

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Over the following weeks I will update this website to include the new 'Manifesto for One', which is a list, a manifesto that I have drawn up for myself and shows how I have decided to move in this world and how I live in alignment with the trees...

but for now:

One less crappy thing

   There are 7.6 billion of us, imagine if we all just did one less crappy thing and did one more good thing today that's a whole lot of worldwide improvement.

   Call me over simplistic if you will, and let me know if you have any better ideas, but I would suggest there is something (at least one thing) that we can each decide to do and in the very doing we can become part of the start of something better.

   Indeed if only one of us pulls our weight than the balance won't be tipped, (there are already many people doing so), but if enough of us connect and feel inspired enough to just to put in some effort towards what matters to us, we will be motivated by each other and, more importantly, our actions will promote change in the realms of politics and commerce.


We don't have to continue to allow the way that we live to be dictated to us, we can dream up better ways. From the food we consume to the places we work, our lives are often just part of a "getting someone else rich" plan.

Let us activate our dreams and ensure that the plan has to alter itself to walk alongside us.



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