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How can I assist you on your Eco journey?

As an individual or as an organisation

I can offer assistance in the following ways.



Circle & Conversation


We can look at ways to instigate healthy communication and decision making practices into your life, home, school, community, council or your company.


Eco Awareness & Action

We can start by getting connected with self, nature community and planet and we can figure out what really matters to us.
And then we can turn that to Action!


Conscious Living  & Zero Waste

Together we can discover optimum ways to embrace sustainable living and working practices and we can get going!

Conscious Living & Zero Waste

Talks & Workshops


In person or Online

Explore a deeper understanding of the individual and collective steps we can take to reduce waste and protect our futures.

For 5 years we as a family have been living a "Less Waste" lifestyle and have accumulated many tricks and tips to share.

 I can host Zero Waste talks and workshops at your school, work place, or for your community.


Getting Together


We can meet online or in person, either way it is possible to have conversations where we can identify your blockages the and hiccups that keep you off the path to Conscious Living. Together we can find ways for you to integrate sustainable (for you and for planet) systemic solutions into your life and living/working spaces.

We see how this connects with people living in poverty and facing mass migration as a consequence of climate breakdown.

Themes of Our Discussions


We look at gaining an understanding of how our individual and collective actions impact locally and globally.

We uncover the story behind our consumer lifestyles, products, marketing and the harsh reality of recycling and renewables.

We discuss how if we embrace more ethical lives and take individual and collective steps we can build community resilience and improve quality of life, health and wellbeing for ourselves and our planet.


Adopting Sustainable habits isn't always easy, many of us find blockages in our path whether our own personal internal resistance or the external logistics. I explore these here in various Videos.   

Eco Awareness and Eco Design

in your heart, home and in your work and corporation

Eco Awareness

Connecting with Self and Nature is a journey home first, it is about getting ourselves together and fit before we set off on any adventures.



What Nature is Around You

What Nature is In You?


Learning to recognise the gifts of nature and how to forage for those sustaining gifts along the Journey.

And Leaning to recognise and harvest our internal gifts too.


Eco Dialogue


We can build more meaningful connections if we work together with our compassionate collaboration instincts activated, We can build resilience using the knowledge Nature shares with us.

Be Like a Tree!


Trees communicate and sustain each other just as humans do yet our roots need to
merge further so we can feel a sensation of connection and being part of a local and global

Magic & Wonder

When did we last let the magic of nature and of the wonderful species of our planet enchant us?


Our irrevocable connection and reliance upon each other!

What can we achieve if we sit with the great mystery that life is and enjoy the uncertainty rather than fear it?

Springwood 600_kZshrunkWM.jpg

Art for Regeneration and Eco Awareness


I make art as a way for us to relate with our ecosystems, to educate, to inspire deep connections, and to awaken a curiosity about the magic and mystery of our world

If you are interested in my art take a look at this website


This is the Harvest from the outcomes from a Circle Gathering with the members of our Eco Istanbul Facebook Community  

Regenerative Design & Eco Building 


Designing and Creating Regenerative Space (and why we must!)

At its best regenerative space has the capacity to bring out the brilliance, generosity and creativity of everyone that uses it. At its worst space can, intentionally or inadvertently, become a polarising and detrimental force upon us.

The definition and design of regenerative space is a multifaceted task...

Read more about it here:

Contact me for brain storming regarding Eco & Regenerative Design, Building and Restoration, and for Eco Sense making for local and bioregional scale projects.

What about urban and regional scale regenerative solutions and development?

I am a founding member of the
Sustainable Urban & Rural Development Association
which asks exactly these questions, and implements the solutions.


Eco - House for sale in

Şile on the 

Black Sea coast

a home that is healthy for you

and the planet


We are building sustainable homes that are wonderful to live in.

We also know that commercial viability or economical feasibility are important too so we are working on creating the best solution to fit each unique place.


If you are interested in learning more about eco -building or if you would like to share what you know or if you are interested in this or similar houses

Circle Hosting & Connected Conversations 


This is the Harvest from a wonderful Circle gathering with Women from our Circle of Friendship Group  

Meaningful Connections &

Holding Space  

For self, couples, family and all kinds of connection, business and personal. Here is a Link to my article on the Cooking Up Dialogue Blog that explains how to create and Hold Space:

Physical, Mental & Emotional, Online Space and Space in Time, and How to create the Container that best Holds it.


Circle or Council Way and Connected Conversations

Historically we have sat in Circle whenever something important was to be discussed but also we have gathered around fires to tell stories this way since the dawn of time. Circle is in our DNA, it is also a relevant and powerful tool to ensure healthy relevant, inclusive and effective meetings in a modern-day board room or council meeting.


Curated Questions


During Circle we ask Curated Questions to activate empathy and connection, we introduce the participants to the concept of Deep Listening and Speaking with Intention, we learn to not judge or try to solve any problems that might arise.



Problem Solving

In both Circle and Connected Conversations, the key is to provide a non-judgemental and safe environment where people can simply be themselves, the questions are designed to be open ended and invite participants to speak from the heart and to get to the bottom of the problems, whether the group be a family or a board room of directors.

Cooking Up Dialogue

Cooking Up Dialogue



A Project about Diversity and Inclusion.

We dream of communities empowered with the tools to communicate with compassion, overcome polarisation and with a capacity to collaborate and work together on our local problems.

Please contact me if you would like to brain storm as to how we can collaborate.

I host circle gatherings, workshops and talks on a voluntary basis and will continue to do so, when time permits, for non profit organisations.

Individuals and organisations who have funds available to them will be asked to contribute fairly or in such ways as according to the gift economy.

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