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Conscious Living Workshop

Follow up and links to resources for students of IICS and others.

(Temporary photo until I have actual photos from the workshop)

I had the pleasure of hosting a workshop with 17 year old students at the Istanbul International Community School as a a part of the CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) component of the IB Diploma Programme.

Here I want to share a few of my observations and my appreciation for the teachers and students.

Being a teacher is a job that always astounds me, it's really hard, but then being a teenage student is even harder.


Dear Teachers.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to hang out with your class. I'd love to think that I waved a feather around the room and stirred a tiny ripple in the air. Next time, to really brainstorm together: 1: We'd need more time and 2: I'd need a more interactive approach.

Since our session I have had many ideas as to how to incorporate games and participation into the time slot to better facilitate student engagement, which is essential seeing as some of the class were there from sheer obligation and some have the attention span of gnats! :)

Thanks again.

You are amazing. Keep up the good work!



Dear Students

Sometimes I feel really bad for you guys. When we were your age we were able to concentrate on the stuff of teenage lives; long bike rides, days spent when no one could track us down on our phones and we were just happy when the sun came out rather than worrying about global warming! Life was about our first kisses, cassette players and cars and such. However you were born into a global epidemic of consumption.

No one is exempt and we all fall pray to the disease one way or another; and we just realised that consumerism is heading us off towards the apocalypse so now you are expected to make radical lifestyle changes!

How can you not aspire to own loads of clothes, shoes, cars, new laptops and phones. How can you avoid the convenience of packaged immediate gratification. And how can you find a way to a deeper form of gratification when all the true forms have been lost to us and plastic wrapped addictions have been all that you have grown up with? How can you care about a world that has shown you not to care?

I attempted to share a different viewpoint with you, one that puts you at the heart of a huge activation of conscious minded people. I hope that you can see yourself as an essential part of the puzzle that when fitted together can create a compassionate and regenerative world.

The good news is there is loads of fun to be had. In fact, I'd bet you that given a bit of time we are all going to be a great deal happier and more satisfied. Less depression, less stress... the whole world needs to change, kinda like right now and we are asking you to help, to disrupt, to up turn and to rebel against what is. You can design what you want the future to be, you can make it about you and your friends and the issues you care about. Isn't it a teenagers dream to change the world?* Just this time around the point is to disrupt with a conscience and to replace what doesn't work for us and our planet with ways that do work and will continue to evolve along with us.

I had promised to provide links to various resources and organisations that may be useful and/or inspiring for you.

Good luck and if we work together again I'll be sure to bring cookies!


Please feel free to contact me about any of this stuff :)

Plus I'd love to hear from you if you have any ideas that I can add to my lists below; for instance good films to watch that set a better tone for a regenerative future, or tips regarding Events and Zero Waste activities etc....

*Be sure that all activities that you are involved with are safe and within the parameters of legal boundaries.


Up coming: Clean Up Events:

Buyukada 20 October 2018

Belgrade Forest 20 October 2018

Eco / Zero Waste Facebook Groups:

Eco Istanbul / Çevreci Istanbul

turkiye'yi temizle/ tidy turkey

Conscious Living Blogs:

Multitude Of Ones (for both practical things you can do on a daily basis plus deeper pondering)

The Minimalists (for minimalist, meaningful living ideas)

Treading My Own Path (for Zero Waste living ideas)

Instagram :

MultitudeOfOnes (My Instagram of eclectic things that I care about)

SharkGirlMadison (I love this young woman! Her mission is sharks and she uses her skills and empathy to protect both the sharks and those who have a living from hunting them. She is raising awareness in 'whole systems' thinking and regenerative solutions in a local and inspirational way. .. also very nice photos!)

Volunteering Opportunities:

Please note it is sometimes essential that you are 18 years or above to be able to volunteer for some organisations.


Small Projects Istanbul - for Syria

Istanbul & I

Soup Kitchen

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax (animation)

Moana (animation)

Things to Watch

Film by university students. (7 ways students can save the planet)

George Monbiot. Rewilding.

Dr. Stephan Harding - Gaia Theory & Deep Ecology.

Deepak Chopra. The Healing Self (Upon awareness and more)

Joe Brewer. Cultural Evolution

About single use plastic and recycling

Things to be Aware of and Do,

The problem with palm oil.

The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

A summary of the latest Climate Change Report from the IPCC (UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)

Jodie Harburt: Create your own Manifesto ideas

My blog posts about:

-hosting a Conscientious Party

-homemade products like toothpaste

-gardening and eating your own produce.

Further reading for deeper understanding:

Daniel Christian Wahl (on regenerative whole systems design)

Jodie harburt: (Why and how women can stick up for each other and why that is important)

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