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Questions that come to mind...

Do you seriously expect me to do something?

   Yes, Definitely.


Is change inevitable?

   Whether we like it or not change is imminent and we don't know if it'll come hard, fast and radical or whether it will be a more tolerable transition. As a result life may seem better for some, but for most it won't. The world is utterly unjust, the rich poor divide is cavernous, but even if you are one of the world's richest, you still have the rest of us to put up with along with rapid decline in our planets ability to sustain us all so, yes, change will occur. We have the option to either wait it out and let it hit us any which way it comes or we can become an active part of the change process, we can help define it while figuring out how to navigate it and we will have given ourselves a chance to adapt. Some degree of sacrifice is expected for most of the developed world (if we call giving up processed foods and mindless consumerism 'sacrifice') 


But what can I do?

(I have a load of reasons not to - I'm broke/ stressed/ over worked/ under qualified..... I feel useless....) 

   That's completely up to you, but check out that your 'reasons' are not actually just excuses.

It's not hard to shop sensibly, avoid creating waste and to learn about the world from other's view points when you try and there are bound to be so many things that you are capable of doing. 

Is it really so important?

   Yes, Definitely.

The world is screwed and you think my tiny effort is worthwhile?

   Yes, Definitely.

Are you accounting for real human nature?

   Yes. (see Here)

If I do something won't everyone else just ignore me or take my sharing and cooperative behaviour for granted,

how can anyone else know or care if I stop buying unsustainable things for example?

   You might feel alone to start with but don't worry, people will start to copy you very soon. (apparently it's boring to be preached to, but most are inclined to follow good example)

Billions do what the hell they like and you are telling me to give up such things as palm oil (my favourite snacks and treats)?

   Yes, absolutely. Don't be a jerk.

And be loud enough about it to spread the word.


What if I have a great original idea and everyone copies it?

   Then wow! Be proud, you are the creator of the new emerging trend in human behaviour, make sure its something you are very deeply proud of. This is not about you or me or anyone alone, it's about all of us and our home.

You are basically telling me to change my life, who do you think you are?

   Just someone, a person like you. If you have an idea I'm listening. I know its hard, I'm trying to figure out how to change my life too, that's why the little, but immediate steps. 

But I'm fine so why should I care about anyone else?

   You are a fellow human so I'll try be patient and nurture some humanity into you. Watch others and see what makes them happy, study your own motives. Are you happy in your selfish life and can you ignore the plight of the world and not feel bad about starving people etc or does it really not bother you in the slightest. If you care and your selfishness is merely a shield then you can try opening your heart, by contributing to betterment you may find happiness or at least satisfaction in your endeavour. However if after all that you still couldn't give a damn please take yourself to the nearest psychiatric hospital as you are a sociopath. 

You make it sound all a bit desperate,

is it really up to the common people when there are so many more influential people about?

   Yes, it is up to us. If we want to 'own' the future we had better create it ourselves. The politicians, the rich, the big business and the academics are often (mostly) too elevated or self serving to see the little picture down on the ground and we down here sometimes can't see (or ignore) the fact that we are contributors to the big picture. 


Everybody is telling us something... I'm down right confused and fed up with it all!

   Yep, me too! Which is why I'm writing this. I'll post links to articles and stuff which are written by some incredible academics and intelligent people, and those of a mind can read and get to the nitty-gritty of it all, but frankly for most of us it's hard reading and sometimes I just end up thinking "yeah... so?"

So all I'm suggesting is this, get up and do one thing, anything that you can do happily, that would contribute to something you care about, help a person or a cause and make it a regular thing and let it grow and shine out of you. Go look at the Action pages or come up with something much better for yourself.

Doesn't 'Conscious Evolution' sound pretentious?

As if our small actions will affect how we will evolve!

"I think; therefore I am"... famous words, sadly Descartes also was behind the idea of being separate in ourselves and therefore from each other, nature and our own natures! Anyway, we exist, that's for sure, but what does it add up to?

What you perceive, imagine, think about and do is your reality and is likely to become your future.

And you know those sayings:

"You are what you eat" and "You reap what you sew" , That means you are what you do!

They are true, so yep, we can decide what we will be, we can determine what we will achieve and that adds up to the future..

What is the real goal here?

   To enable a nurtured worldwide society to evolve in a conscious, self initiating, empowering and sustainable manner.

Meaning this: We look after each other, we take care of the world, we live long and prosper as a species. And we have fun while we are doing it. (And if the apocalypse comes we go down with dignity knowing we gave it our best shot!)

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