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The way ahead is via doing what is meaningful

As individuals, communities and as organisations we can choose one or many places to start.


So the Big Question is,

What Matters to you?

As an individual or as an organisation

Scroll bellow for some things that matter...

What Matters to you


Do you care for a part of your locality? 

For me it is a river and we have egret and other such amazing species to protect.

What if you know what matters,

but you feel overwhelmed and not confident that you can do anything about it?

How will you use your skills?

We can each utilise whatever skills or tools we have available to do work that matters

Scroll bellow for a very small list of what you might be good at or motivated to do...



we all need sustenance, being able to grow food is a life giving skill

The Skills shown here can appertain to you as an individual or to your organisation at whatever scale,

What is your role? What is your purpose and what do you have in your tool box or talent set or among your resources that enable you to work towards what you find truly important.

Maybe your company is motivated by a need to improve your sustainability rating or your eco-credibility, these aren't my favourite motivations, but they are motivations, and a place to start, so come on...

It is time to get going!

Let's look at The Journey together.

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