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So, what's up?

What is a Multitude Of Ones?

While some of us are embracing post pandemic times, most of the world is still in the depths of it.  
Where do we go from here? What are our individual and collective roles, (and do we have to?)
How can we find joy and life satisfaction when inequality is rife, our entire ecosystem is under threat and we have very scary predictions for the near future of our own species?
As One of the Multitude I sense that the routes towards sustainable life are mapped out in each of us, and the journey ahead consists of the autonomous and collective steps of the Multitude.   


Ways I can help


We can look at ways to design and build eco practices into your life, home, school, community, council or your company.



Home of my ART.
Here you can look for fun,
to commission work
or to buy from my paintings, drawings and prints.

Where to start?

We can start by creating connection with self, nature community and planet and we can figure out what really matters to us.

Featured Blog articles


What can we do?

Together we can discover optimum ways to embrace sustainable living and working practices and we can get going!

You can see what we get up to here on Instagram

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