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  • Jodie Harburt

Natural Home, Hair & Body

As Extinction Rebellion is reminding us, it is time to rebel, to stand up and to take the job of protecting ourselves, our planet and our future upon ourselves, and where better to start than at home?!

There are so many ways to make better, healthier, happier choices for our skin, our lungs, our hair... our entire bodies along with the body of our amazing planet. Together we are an ecosystem and by looking after all the parts we find that we are in fact taking care of the whole.

These easy to adopt life style changes are soooo liberating. I'm not kidding! Somehow it is an incredible relief to be free of all those aisles of pointless, horrid, single use plastic packaged products with who knows what crap inside that they are selling us. We have been BRAIN WASHED into buying stuff that is actually bad for us and our planet. The time has indeed come to stand up to this nonsense and to head to the kitchen to make some of our own easy home made products that are also kind on our pockets!

I talk about these at my Conscious Living & Zero Waste workshops, but I don't have time to go into all the detail so this following link connects you to my post which is updated regularly with my tried and tested ways, methods and recipes.

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