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Plastic Free World Protest & Action

Row upon row

There is real initiative here so I'm hoping we can all jump on board: If I can stand with my 4 year old in the supermarket and tell her clearly why we can't buy the stuff with lots of packaging (and palm oil), and if she understands that buying those little milks with straws is not OK anymore even if the milk is organic!, if we can try our best to refuse straws in restaurants (tricky when they are purple) and if we can refuse plastic bags whenever possible, then surely so can you.

If I can get a 4 year old to understand and accept the denial of a Kinder egg surprise and countless other infinitely wrapped and adorned so called 'treats' that are placed like a strategic trap at the shop exit then surely we can all make some progress on this one. ....Plastic free!.... Zero Waste living!... these should be our goal, and real progress is achievable here in Turkey too.

Some while ago this post from Greece popped up: #PlasticFreeGreece effort - with almost 700 followers. We have a long road ahead but if lots of like minded people get together, it becomes a MOVEMENT and there must be a tipping point somewhere. You can make a difference in your community - and there are varying degrees of involvement you can instigate: 1) just set the example, bring that multi-use tote bag to the supermarket, tell the person at the till that you don't want to use the plastic bags, or for her to place as many items as possible instead of only 2 items per bag for her customers! 2) tell shops / restaurants you go to regularly not to hand out plastic bags / straws / plastic cutlery. 3) organise screenings of A Plastic Ocean or other such documentary at your local school 4) organise a clean up of a park / beach in your area. Undoubtedly the government needs to back this effort through education of the younger generation, continued education of the older generation through TV / radio / newspaper, investing in waste management and placing penalties on businesses that pollute. The 8 cent charge for plastic bag usage coming into effect Jan 1 2018 is a step in the right direction. Of course we CAN DO MORE.

I salute our Greek neighbours and wish them the best of luck.

I've long had a plan that would get attention and raise awareness. I think it could have high social media impact. This is the scenario: We get together, a minimum of 20 people in multiple groups, each group goes (at the same time) to a local supermarket and then proceeds (as individuals) to shop for everyday needs that have unnecessary wrapping. Then, (having paid obviously) outside the shop door and in the attendance of as much press, bloggers, social media and the general public as possible the entire group unpacks every item in their trolley. Even the individual paper wrapped tea bags. (Obviously liquids and rice etc can be tricky, but small items can be decanted into larger containers to highlight the principle that convenience shopping is evil to our world) Meat can be transferred into glass or reusable containers. Cheese can be wrapped in waxed paper rather than plastic. Individually wrapped vegetables etc can all be put into reusable or recyclable bags. Then the spectacle ends with the shoppers leaving the supermarket with their goods intact, safe and hygienic while the huge pile of unnecessary plastic wrappers are left (bagged up) on the doorstep of the supermarket. I'd suggest a swift operation in case of the possibility of being arrested for public protest (and meddling with the mechanics of capitalism) Anyone in? I'm in Istanbul.... can Greece join? Can we go worldwide?

In the meantime and if you don't want to be involved in such an action then let's all do Everything we can to avoid plastic and anything needlessly wrapped up! Our parents didn't grow up with it and the future of our kids should not be destroyed because of it!

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