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Conscious Evolution

  What does that even mean?

   While trying to figure out how we could all get to a better place I found myself using the words Conscious Evolution*. Every thing on the planet (including us) is evolving, however the connotation of evolution as progress and improvement is misleading in that evolution, when left to its natural devices can go any direction in its search to maximize the potential for survival and growth. (We might get bigger but not necessarily better!) However we don't have to go where the route takes us, we can impose our own take upon it just like we have with every other aspect of the world.** 

   Using all kinds of evidence from the empirical to the instinctive we are able to make conscious decisions appertaining to our evolutionary development. In short we don't just shape and invent our future we also shape and reinvent ourselves.

   With incredible skills and technology available to us and the means to communicate and share knowledge we can decide whether our evolution should continue on its intended survival and growth path, or whether we should redesign to account for the fact that we can't survive if we carry on like this and that we no longer have any natural enemy except ourselves. If we evolve into a species that looks after each other, that nurtures itself and the planet it lives upon then we will have the joint ability to deal with our real troubles such as famine, climate change, mass migration, sustainability and any other dangers to the healthy continuation of our species along with any other pesky threats (meteor strikes, alien invasion).

* The Concept of Conscious Evolution has been in existence for decades. see Barbara Marx Hubbard (Foundation for Conscious Evolution) 

** see the Cultural Evolution Society  (which is trying to monitor how culture is formed and therefore how it can be designed with intent of a better future).

Conscious Evolution

There are some elements that form the basis of what we are capable of and what we can achieve. Understanding of these and their intrinsic part of our nature makes it easier to see why.

These are :Conscious EvolutionNurture Culture and Unity Absolute.

Conscious Evolution...  in more detail.

   This is a process; it is neither a preordained system that can be implemented upon ignorant masses or a complicated set of rules and plans that the bewildered or oblivious must try to instigate. However it is not the simple survival of the fittest concept that we have hitherto upheld, this is the point where we use our incredible capacity to think, decide and use our conscience to evolve on the path that we best identify with. It is a succession of self initiated micro steps that emerge from nurturance and gain momentum.

   Conscious evolution allows change to occur, certainly with imperfections and failings, but in a humanistic way. Those in charge need not relinquish their seats after a bloody battle or huge defeat, a resulting vacuum need not occur and no one need usurp the thrones of authority and elitism. Simply the process of positive, change can infiltrate every area of life.


  What if we had an ideal new system designed and ready to implement?

   If such a thing were possible sadly it is impossible to implement. First we'd have to figure out how to curtail the vehemence of an inevitable opposition. No system can be all encompassing by design and even if it was few of us are able to open our minds and hearts enough to adopt an imposed system. Few of us are true to our instincts and desires and have an ego that can reconcile with a multilateral advancement or can even comprehending the possibility of such an ideal. Specific system implementation carries risk in other forms of alienation; with every bias one way the pendulum of choice and alternative can swing in the other. Let’s say part of the goal is to create a “sustainable and equal” society, this seemingly obvious and innocuous statement which could be the backbone of many proposed systems could cause abject opposition in many and others might find the vision so far-fetched and inaccessible that they simply can’t see the point of short term change, sacrifice or effort.

   Designing and presenting a new concept through a coherent combination of words is nothing short of a minefield. The power of these words and their definitions and affiliations are what swings the balance of popular support and assuming we stick to democratic values we need to consider how, if it were designed, any new system can be presented to succeed and to avoid total obliteration from the opposing parties at the outset. It’s almost like creating a religion, the vision is intended to be the closest we can get to Heaven on Earth, yet unlike the religions or systems that mankind has designed so far, it should never have the capacity to be used as a weapon, to oppress or to take advantage of the weak, there should not be scriptures, books or rules that dominate over us and are so open to misinterpretation and manipulation. Though we pride ourselves with our capacity to design it is evident that a designed system is doomed to fail. In the case of our ultimate survival it is the emergent, consciously evolved patterns that we need adhere to.


   Yet meanwhile, whilst we ponder these details, back here in the ‘now’ the masses struggle, people die as I write, habitats are destroyed, hopelessness overwhelms another soul and our potential for improvement sinks deeper down under the dark cloud of oppression.

   Then how can any idea be presented to the masses so they will feel compelled to uphold it? Is it possible to produce ideas that cater for the incredible diversity of human kind and planetary needs? (And a sub question; are we really that diverse or do we actually convene on common denominators?)

   There are many aspects to be considered, however it is ordinary people that will implement whatever the future holds, yet most people feel disenfranchised from any kind of solution and worse still, most feel disassociated from the problems that our very actions (or lack of) are inadvertently causing, we choose ignorance rather than enlightenment and we are in the dark about the impact of even the most mundane daily choices we make. We assume that we are powerless and we believe we have the right to live as best we can within the parameters of our distorted realities.

    Yet it is these daily choices to buy, consume, remain in passive stance or our misguided negative actions that perpetuate the situation that has become unsustainable and has long been intolerable for many (habitats, creatures and people alike). Future improvement is entirely reliant upon the will and actions of an enlightened and if not unified at least harmonic population. An academic, scientific, theological, philosophical and politic core can provide validation and direction towards a worthy new system, but the actual journey there must spring from the multitude of individual acts that combine and collectively form a real and emergent solution.

   The complex nature of this task means that the future cannot be predicted no matter how consciously the steps towards it are taken and manipulated. The random aspect of reality and effect makes every conjuncture a myriad of possibilities before the next one. Large initiatives are essential, many can be implemented from the top down, but it is the development of accessible small scale endeavours that will provide momentum among the population. Micro advancement is the way to achieve greatness on a long term macro scale, meaning that the large projects and governance instigated changes and regulations will be determinant and exemplary, but it is the internal adjustments made in each individual that will be the foundation of defining change and its perpetuation.

   I  ask myself: I being the smallest denomination that I can be, I being the non academic average, powerless and ignorant, am I exempt? Should I remain inert or is it I that should take the first step?

   A first step is the knowledge, understanding and the full and utter comprehension that this is Ground Zero. I am an initiator; it is from me and from each of us that the quest will spread, we are the cure, the hope and the glory of all that will come and with that we carry immense responsibility. I am One and so are you.* The future starts here.

We are victims of a hitherto unprecedented glut of information of which most is tainted by some form of bias or manipulative intent, the internet has provided a gateway to knowledge but it is already the first minefield of our quest. No single piece of journalistic, academic or scientific evidence can be viewed without suspicion of corporate interest and often blatant coercion. By shedding our inertia, making conscious decisions and by taking at least a tiny part of the progress into our own hands we are creating a multifaceted mass movement. This, with no head or specific direction cannot be easily stopped, the motive cannot be easily assessed and preempted, the missions are small but the overall goal has the potential to be huge.

* see Manifesto for One

   How can we surmise Truth and come up with a road-map to a solution against all that is ‘wrong’ and ‘detrimental’ to us and our planet despite such adversity. How can we have the audacity to presume ourselves capable of creating a new system when it is evident in all of human history that such a thing cannot be designed and implemented without the cohesive and unified collaborated effort of the majority? Can the convincing success of an isolated minority be example enough to propagate beyond? 


   If independent, random acts convene in a multilateral action then momentum is achieved. If a sufficiently large populous has a uniform or parallel code they can produce a consciously desired emergent.

   When individuals are encouraged to take mini responsibilities and when they see the accumulative effect of their actions they will have reclaimed power and their identity, (that of a dignified and compassionate species).          

   Sharing of positive stories and the effect of an increasing Nurturance Culture will allow us to reconnect with our instincts, this will promote more conscious thought and action. In turn action will form in alignment with an increasingly deep connection with our own healthy core, elementary patterns and truths. Over time, what for many may be an inadvertent collaboration will evolve and as each individual's acts become in alignment with the whole it may become possible to predict and instigate specific positive results. This is Conscious Evolution!


We can be be the Multitude of Ones needed to implement it.

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